CSR Kosovo

Ambassador: Senton Kaçaniku , Kosovo

Senton Kaçaniku became CEO of CSR Kosovo in January 2016. The organisation, originally founded in 2011, is primarily involved in issues of youth employment and human rights in business, with some activity on environmental and transparency projects. It oversees and supports the implementation of socially responsible corporate projects throughout Kosovo, whilst striving for economic development, CSR best practice and compliance with the Global Compact Principles.

Under Senton’s leadership, funding for CSR projects has increased threefold, and more companies have joined the network. Working with some of the largest companies in Kosovo, including ProCredit Bank, Sharccem, and Raiffeisen, over six million euros have been pledged to a variety of projects, allowing these major corporations to connect and engage with societies in constructive ways. Such initiatives include the formation of 36 sustainable farms in impoverished communities, creation of the scholarship funds for students all over Kosovo, and providing internship opportunities for hundreds of Kosovar youth.