Integrity Action Movement (IAM)

Franz George , Jamaica

Franz started IAM as an offshoot of National Integrity Action in Jamaica, to get young people more aware of and involved in the fight against corruption in Jamaica. National Integrity Action is a part of Transparency International, and together they campaign to fight corruption and increase transparency around the world.

Corruption is a significant problem in Jamaica, being ranked 83rd in the Corruption Perceptions Indexa.  Because of this, Integrity Action Movement was formed in an attempt to educate children and young people about the dangers of corruption and how it leads to an unfair society. IAM holds weekly meetings for university students to learn about the state of corruption in Jamaica. IAM hosted a number of documentary viewings in order to spread awareness about the consequences that corruption can have on people's daily lives. These documentaries reached over 700 people. IAM has also hosted debates between politicians and young leaders about the issues surrounding corruption. One featured young leader went on to run for office and is currently serving as an MP and Minister for Youth in Jamaica. IAM conducts school visits to communicate the fundamental immorality of corruption through the medium of theatre by making the issues relatable to the children. IAM currently has 132 registered members, and it hopes to grow into a national movement with branches in universities and high schools across Jamaica.