Mundo Scientific

Andres Oyono AbesoBikie , Equatorial Guinea

Andres is the founder of Mundo Scientific, an organisation that aims to bring science education to life for high school students through the use of live demonstrations and scientific experiments. Andres wanted to make science more exciting for students in order to increase their interest in STEM subjects and to encourage them to pursue this line of study in the future. Mundo Scientific classes aim to teach high school students the practical techniques behind what they are taught during school hours. This is done through experimental science lessons where students are able to conduct or observe practical experiments. Mundo Scientific also offers maths tutoring sessions to students who want to improve their mathematical ability. Mundo Scientific has reached over 500 students to date. The organisation also encourages students to think about how to solve problems in the wider world. They do this through focused discussion groups centred on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This encourages students to think about how science can be used to solve world problems, widening their perspectives and further demonstrating the practical applications of science in the real world. Mundo Scientific aims to shift its focus towards small robotics and hardware programming in the future.