Queen B

Yasmin Dunsky & Noga Mann , Israel

QueenB was founded by Yasmin Dunsky & Noga Mann to make computer programming and coding accessible and interesting to young girls. The organisation has taught 500 girls how to code and has reached 1,000 young people through running popup workshops and hackathons.

QueenB runs weekly coding classes for high school girls, who are taught the basics of computer programming by female undergraduate students reading programming at university. High school students go to classes based in four different university campuses across Israel. Classes consist of 15 students led by four mentors, with each class lasting for three hours per week. The class curriculum has been specifically designed to appeal to generation Z girls, encouraging them to pursue programming opportunities that they may not have considered otherwise. Girls learn how to code alongside peers from all backgrounds. Ultra orthodox Jewish girls learn alongside Arab girls for example, allowing them to become friends and learn about each other in a safe environment whilst acquiring valuable new skills. Students pay a small fee to reserve their space for the class, with 15% of all attendees accessing the class for free due to insufficient means. QueenB has established partnership with influential tech companies including Google. QueenB reports that 80% of girls who complete the two year programme have gone on to choose computer science as a major in their 10th grade education.

Yasmin & Noga are currently working on Frizzl, another joint venture that teaches children how to code using a mobile phone app.