Red Light Campaign

Ambassador: Emily Revess , United Kingdom

Emily founded the Red Light Campaign in the UK which supports survivors of slavery and works to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of slavery in the modern world by building a global civil-society based network. The Cube Movement has spread the message of slavery 880,500 km worldwide. They have empowered over 300 people to become Ambassadors of the Cube movement, passing on cubes across five continents to spread awareness of the issue. The funds raised have transformed the lives of ten survivors this year. They hold events including fashion shows, exhibitions and speeches have educated over 2,500 people about modern slavery and human trafficking. Emily has also launched an Impact Fund, funded by donations and the returns from the Cube Movement and budgeted £500 per survivor of trafficking to provide one-off help in the most pragmatic and efficient way according to their circumstances. For example, they have supported some survivors with skills-based employability courses. Others who had more basic needs were supported by buying mobile phones, computers or food vouchers.