Ambassador: Isabelle Kamariza , Rwanda

Isabelle founded Solid’Africa to help provide an integrated service to people in hospitals in Rwanda. Solid’Africa works with 3,000 patients across two hospitals in Kigali. Solid’Africa runs several different projects to help people without adequate access to healthcare.

The Gemura project provides meals for hospital patients from low income backgrounds, feeding 400 people on a daily basis. The food for this programme primarily comes from the two farms run by Solid’Africa. Hospitals in Rwanda do not provide food as part of their basic care, so Gemura is an essential lifeline for people unable to buy food daily.

Gombora is a project that supports people to pay off their hospital bills as well as providing subsidies for outpatient appointments, and travel to and from the hospital. Solid’Africa also supports people with specialist treatment needs by helping to fundraise for their treatments. Isabelle wants to promote a holistic approach to healthcare that includes access to food, water and hygiene as well as medical oversight.

The organisation has also installed three water tanks in two hospitals to help people have reliable access to clean water. In addition Solid’Africa has provided patients with basic hygiene necessities such as soap, toothbrushes, toilet paper, sanitary towels and blankets. Solid’Africa plans to build a kitchen on site that will have the capacity to feed 1,000 patients three times per day. Solid’Africa also engages in advocacy work, lobbying the hospitals to provide better conditions for patients.