Women Who Code UK (WWCode)

Sheree Atcheson , United Kingdom

Sheree headed up the first branch of Women Who Code (WWCode) in Belfast, UK. It has since expanded to four cities in the UK. WWCode is a global non-profit dedicated to eradicating the gender bias in the technology sector and it has over 100,000 members worldwide. Sheree is currently the UK Expansion Director for WWCode and she oversees all four regional hubs in London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Bristol. WWCode UK has over 7,000 members across the regional hubs. Members of WWCode attend free monthly events to nurture their digital confidence and better their technical skillset. WWCode partners with different companies and learning initiatives to teach members relevant skills such as coding languages to ensure they maintain their competitive edge in the fast-changing industry by keeping their skills up to date. Specialists are invited to share their expertise with like-minded women. Members are also presented with scholarship opportunities to help with their career progression plans. WWCode has given over one million dollars worth of scholarships to women across the UK to date.