Journalist of the Year Award


In an age of mass information and misinformation, the role of journalists is more important than ever. Our societies rely on the core values of journalism - truthfulness and objectivity - to stay informed and shape opinions. 

One Young World believes that the next generation of young journalists are paramount to creating powerful and meaningful change, providing the essential means to ensure freedom of speech and defence of rights are justly upheld in all regions worldwide.

The One Young World Journalist of the Year Award was created in 2020 to identify and promote five of the world's most impactful journalists changing how stories are reported and having a positive global impact.



We are delighted to launch our annual Journalist of the Year Award again for 2024. The award will be presented to the three winners at the One Young World Summit in Montréal (Tiohtià:ke), Canada, which takes place from 18-21 September 2024.

The award winners will be chosen by an international panel of judges with first-hand experience in journalism. Their decisions will be based on the work the young journalists have carried our in their countries and communities and its benefits and impact on young people.

Applications and nominations for the 2024 award are now closed.

JOTY Judges 2024




Previous Winners



2023 Winners

Freelance Investigative Journalist and Co-Founder of El Estornudo

Journalist, Poet, Writer and Correspondent

Freelance Journalist, Non-Resident Fellow, Atlantic Council

Journalist and Founder, Rukhshana Media

Investigative Journalist and Founder, Archivero 

2022 Winners

Coordinator of the Latin American LGBTI journalism Initiative

Former Director of TOLOnews TV

Multi-award-winning investigative journalist & documentary filmmaker

Journalist for El Espectador

Journalist, writer, and documentary filmmaker

2020 Winners

BBC correspondent 

Independent journalist

Journalist and human rights defender

Vice correspondent and Telemundo News contributor

Journalist and activist