Meet the #OYW2018 Audi Scholars engineering a sustainable future

Finding sound solutions to the problems of scarce resources, environmental destruction, climate change and population growth are fundamental to building safer and fairer societies.

The Audi Environmental Foundation is bringing to the One Young World 2018 summit 15 young leaders who have already produced inspiring works in this field and are looking to be part of a broad network collaborating to bring environmental benefits to the world.

The Audi Scholars coming to One Young World’s 2018 Summit in The Hague on 17-20 October are:

Linh Do, Australia. Australia & Pacific Lead, The Climate Reality Project

She focuses on the localisation and implementation of the Paris Agreement by nation states, local government, corporations, communities and individuals.




Yaseen Khalid, Pakistan. COO, ModulusTech

ModulusTech pioneers low cost, sustainable housing solutions in a country where millions live in shanties. The houses offered are energy efficient, sustainable, weather resistant and durable.






Madhav Datt, India. Founder & President,Green the Gene

After founding this organisation aged eight, he has scaled it to one of the world’s largest completely youth-run environmental non-profits, with projects in 62 countries, mobilising over 7,000 people, all under the age of 24, to build technology and data driven solutions for communities facing acute climate crises. 



Ismael Essome Ebone, Cameroon. Founder, President & Engineer - Madiba & Nature

Promoting the circular economy as a route to sustainable development in Africa, Madiba & Nature promotes ecotourism, fishing and the recycling of plastic waste.





Caritta Seppa, Finland. Co-Founder & COO, Tespack

The vision of Tespack is to make everyone energy independent, the masters of their own energy needs, particularly by providing education to support the use of solar energy.





Johnmary Kavuma, Uganda. Founder & CEO, Upcycle Africa & Kimuli Fashionability

Upcycle Africa provides affordable, artistic and durable houses to low income earners while training marginalized youth in construction skills, using bottles as a way of reducing plastic waste.





Kehkashan Basu, India. Founder & President, Green Hope Foundation

More than 1,000 youth Green Hope Foundation members across Canada, the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent use ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ as a transformative tool, through awareness workshops and ‘Environment Academies’.






Irina Fedorenko, Russia. Co-Founder, BioCarbon Engineering

This company is planting trees with drones, with an ambition to be planting 1 billion trees a year and the aim of restoring degraded land and providing livelihoods to communities around the world.





Edgar Edmund, Tanzania. CEO, Green Venture Tanzania

Green Venture Tanzania is building blocks - such as paving stones - from plastic waste to construct houses in a cheap and affordable price while reducing plastic pollution.





Crystal Tsz Ue Chow, Canada. Co-founder, NatureCoin

A cryptocurrency that integrates Blockchain, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence to transform recycling behaviours and make recycling profitable by building a circular economy and contributing to the vision of future smart cities.




Jenifer Colpas, Colombia. Co-founder, Tierra Grata

Tierra Grata improves access to energy, water and sanitation services for rural communities and has benefited more than 800 people with the installation of 80 social technologies.





Gabriel Lupu, Romania. Co-Founder, Aqulytics

A big-data environment sustainability platform concerning water quality, helping people understand how much the environment is changing, and how important water is for a sustainable development.





Orlando Anaya, Mexico. Founder & Director, Kilometro Uno

A coastal and marine conservation team informing the public of the benefits of maintaining the health of the oceans. Since 2012 it has given over 300 environmental education talks to students and held 50 beach clean-ups, removing 55,000 pounds of litter from Tijuana’s coastline.





Prince Agbata, Ghana. Co-Founder & Country Manager, Coliba Ghana

Runs the first ever successful waste segregation and collection program in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) and Accra (Ghana), through the use of the Coliba mobile app technology. It serves over 16,000 households through an incentive-based plastic recovery system.




Miles Pepper, US. President, FinalStraw

With the aim of reducing single use plastic waste, FinalStraw has created the world's first collapsible, “totally badass” drinking straw.


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