SDG 14 - Life Below Water

SDG class

Casa de Aak

Anderson founded Casa de Aak in 2015 to preserve and protect the endangered populations of sea turtles in Guatemala. Casa de Aak has rescued almost 16,000 sea turtle hatchlings to date.

Coliba Ghana

Prince co-founded Coliba Ghana in 2016 to address the issue of plastic pollution and to promote environmental sustainability. Coliba Ghana currently operates 40 recycling centres in Accra plus 16 across Cote D’ivoire, and has recycled 700 tons of waste in total.


Xiomara founded Barranquilla+20 in 2012 as a community organisation to empower and educate young people on issues of sustainability, water rights and environmental responsibilities as a component of social justice. Barranquilla+20 is the umbrella organisation that houses a range of different environmentally conscious projects, affecting over 7,000 young people to date.

The Palau Legacy Project

Nicolle cofounded The Palau Legacy Project to make tourism more sustainable to protect the natural wildlife and environment in Palau. Over 22,000 people have signed the Palau Pledge so far, and the online awareness campaign has reached more than 1.6 billion people around the world.

Myanmar Marine Programme - Shark Conservation

Demand from China means that sharks and rays can contribute 60 per cent of a Myanmar fisherman’s income, but the level of fishing means that 24 per cent of species of these endangered vertebrates are becoming extinct. As well as her shark conservation work in Myanmar. Bonnie Lei, 24, from the United States, has worked on marine and tropical biodiversity in Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico.