SDG 15 - Life On Land

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Fundación Para La Tierra - Voces de la Naturaleza

As Deputy Director of Fundacion Para La Tierra, Joseph co-founded Voces de la Naturaleza in late 2015 as a forum to teach children and adults about the environment. In August 2018, the Foundation was running nine eco-clubs in six communities, teaching 150 children about the natural world each week. It had also hosted five seasonal winter camps to reach more than 250 children in communities that did not yet have access to regular club meetings.

Wildlife Works

Working for Wildlife Works, Joseph uses novel ways to educate people in his local rural community in Kenya about environmental conservation and climate change. He lives in the Tsavo Conservation area of Kenya, a dryland forest of nearly 500,000 acres and home to over 20 species of bats, 300 species of birds and 50 species of large mammals, including IUCN Red List species such as Grevy’s Zebra, Cheetah, Lion, African Wild Dog as well as over 2,000 African elephants.

Ivory Ella

Jacob Castaldi created Ivory Ella in 2015 with four other entrepreneurs, with the mission to save elephants. In 2016 alone 330,000 elephants were killed by African poachers for their ivory tusks. Ivory Ella is an online retailer that sells Good Clothes for a Good Cause. The products have designs which incorporate a symbolic elephant which helps raise awareness as well as funds to save elephants. 10% of net profits are donated to save the elephants, and other charitable organisations.


Xiomara founded Barranquilla+20 in 2012 as a community organisation to empower and educate young people on issues of sustainability, water rights and environmental responsibilities as a component of social justice. Barranquilla+20 is the umbrella organisation that houses a range of different environmentally conscious projects, affecting over 7,000 young people to date.

Wildlife Works

50,000 people in rural Kenya educated about climate change
15,000 trained to work in an environmentally sustainable way
1,000 households replacing traditional fuels with clean energy

Ivory Ella

The online clothes retailer Ivory Ella was founded in 2015 and donates ten per cent of its profits to the charity Save The Elephants. Founder Jacob Castaldi, 22, from the United States, hopes to build stronger links between business and charity. Donations from Ivory Ella are also helping communities living close to Elephant populations in Kenya.