Youth Health Parliament

Ambassadors: Ben Griffiths & Lewis Smith , United Kingdom

Ben and Lewis founded The Youth Health Parliament in March 2016 with the aim of making the UK a healthier place. This idea generation hothouse allows decisionmakers of tomorrow to present ideas that can shape the future of the healthcare system which young people will themselves depend on. The founders devised a format to bring together 50 talented and passionate young professionals, aged between 18-30, from backgrounds including multinational corporations, Government departments, science and healthcare institutions and NGOs.

The Youth Health Parliament is examining five key areas; mental health, emerging technology, personalised medicine & genomics, preparing clinicians of the future, and identifying the kind of healthcare system they want. It intends to produce publications to stimulate discussion and change, which will be presented to policy makers and change in the UK healthcare system. To date they have run a series of workshops and presentations, including one held in the UK Houses of Parliament where ideas were presented to MPs and various stakeholders.