EuroMaidan: One Goal, One Future And One Dream


Ukrainian Ambassador, Valeria Cherednichenko on the current situation in Ukraine with contributions from Ukrainian students.

On 21 November a Ukrainian government decree suspended preparations for signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union.In the following days, the biggest protests since the Orange Revolution (or in Ukrainian “Pomarancheva revolyutsiya”) were being held in Kyiv. During the third Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius on 28-29 November 2013 the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement was not signed.

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Amandla Ngawethu: Power To The People


Ambassador from Austrailia, Jeeven Nadanakumar on his experience at this year's Summit in Johannesburg.


On the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, 1,250 young people from across the globe, strangers to each other and to an ancient land, descended from their buses and frantically searched for a symbol of familiarity amongst 190 national flags waiting on display. In the distance, the FNB Soccer City Stadium stood tall and majestic, its terracotta panels reflecting the vibrant African sunset.

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An Uncertain Future


Ambassador from Nigeria, Freeman Osonuga on the incidence of cerebral palsy in Nigeria and his initiative, the Heal the World Foundation.

In my penultimate year studying as a medical student at the Olabisi Onabanjo University in Nigeria, I found myself at neonatal intensive care unit of the paediatric ward of the teaching hospital.

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The Four Pillars Of Exchange Market Growth


Ambassador from Zambia, Nicholas Kabaso on developing capital markets.

With the complex nature of global business, economic activities remain highly interdependent, with no single economic activity existing on its own. Cultures and societies remain highly fluid in their response to social economic development. In the same light business houses world over continue to frequently revisit the way they do business with many embracing advances in information and technology.

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A Global Neighbourhood


Ambassador from Greece, Ioanna Fotopoulou on the actiVests new initiative, The Global Talks Campaign.

The actiVests is an NGO that aims to introduce an absent concept in the Balkan area, the concept of civil society.

With that in mind, the Greek team of the actiVests applied for the One Young World Summit in Johannesburg for a chance to represent our country and present our efforts and opinions to an international audience, one that only One Young World can provide. I was fortunate enough to be presented with the opportunity to give a speech in the Leadership & Government Plenary Session. Because of this, I was able to talk about Greece’s current situation in front of 1,250 delegates from 190 different countries.

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Protect Our Future: Diabetes and Climate Change


Ambassador from Bahrain, Tariq Al-Olaimy on the interconnection between diabetes and climate change.

Writing from the halls of the UN Climate Change COP19 Summit in Warsaw, where I’m tracking negotiations, I’m also marking World Diabetes Day (WDD), which falls on 14 November and represents the intersection of two urgent and interconnected challenges.

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Gen Y Can Influence Change in Leadership and Governance


Ambassador from UK, Charlie Oliver on the Leadership and Government Plenary Session at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Leadership and Government was one of the six topics we discussed at last month’s One Young World Summit in Johannesburg. It was arguably the most important Plenary because it showed that many of the other issues we discussed like youth unemployment, the absence of human rights and inadequate education were really the consequence, in the words of Sir Bob Geldof, of “a chronic lack of leadership.”

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Políglota, the first face-to-face social language-learning network in the world.


Ambassador Carlos Aravena and José Manuel Sanchez discuss their social language-learning network, Políglota in an interview conducted by Ambassador Xenia Elsaesser.

It's Tuesday evening in Santiago, Chile, and Claudia sets off for a drink after work. She arrives at the table and introduces herself to the group. In English. Now, Claudia’s having a drink with 12 other people, hanging out and conversing in a language that is only spoken by 2% of the Chilean population.

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The First To Take The Stage


Ambassador from Nigeria, Camara Mohamed on his experience speaking at this year’s Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

One Young World opened my eyes to the great impact youth can make in society. I was particularly inspired by Ambassadors like Ajarat Bada, Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, Bariq Rifki, Parker Liautaud, Clinton Gachangi and many others. Until I started following One Young World online, I had not identified a particular area to make positive change.

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Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business


Ambassador James Eder on starting a new business in the United Kingdom.

There are lots of challenges involved in setting up a business. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. But one of the most difficult things is actually getting started. So, you have an idea. Now what?

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Next Generation Business


Ambassador from the United Kingdom, Alan Mak on the Special Session with Sir Richard Branson and the B Team at this year's Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A strong belief in Generation Y’s ability to lead businesses that do well not just do good underpins One Young World’s mission. And this year, its Ambassadors were honoured to share the stage at the Johannesburg Summit with the B Team – a new network of global business leaders led by Sir Richard Branson – as we presented them with the our new Charter for Business Leadership setting out how our generation make work with established leaders to turn our vision into reality.

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The Lampedusa tragedy - why Eritreans risk everything


On 3 October 2013, a boat carrying an estimated 500 migrants, many of them Eritreans under the age of 40, capsized less than one kilometer from the island of Lampedusa, Italy...I fled Eritrea in 2005 and I want to explain why so many young Eritreans take such great risks to leave the country and what can be done prevent these tragedies in the future. 

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