A Shared Plan To Tackle Youth Unemployment


Delegate Charlie Oliver on what needs to be done to tackle youth unememployment.

We all accept that youth unemployment is too high. Where I live, in the UK, the total number of young people, aged 16-24, that are unemployed increased 9,000 according to government figures released on Wednesday 11 September, totalling close to 1 million.

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What can we learn about the Australian election through social data?


Ambassador Chris Eigeland on the upcoming Australian election and the social data analysis behind it.

The most tumultuous six years in Australian politics will end this Saturday, September 7.

In 2007, Kevin Rudd and the progressive Labor party swept to power on the back of a savvy, youth-driven social media campaign entitled Kevin07. Three years later, unprecedented for a first term Prime Minister, he was unceremoniously deposed for our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Surviving the 2010 election by the skin of her teeth, she hung onto power with a hung parliament through an agreement with two independents and the Greens.

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Hanging Out With Doug Richard: What I Learned


Ambassador from Ecuador, Francisco Abad on taking part in the first two live Hangouts with One Young World Counsellor Doug Richard and other Ambassadors.

Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing I have ever done, and I have done quite a lot of really hard things in my life. Apart from entrepreneurship itself, social entrepreneurship brings the challenge of using the profit and the company itself to solve a social problem and do good whilst being productive. The majority of entrepreneurs, including social entrepreneurs, fail. For this to not happen one needs many things including money, a team, leadership, a vision, etc., but one of the most important things that we don’t have or we underestimate and decide not to look for is mentorship, advice, information, and enriching dialogue.

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Migration in search of freedom


"Once you embark on the journey of being an immigrant, you soon learn your life is on a tough road. Obtaining a legal document to confirm your identity is very hard but once you do that, you can work and study. Having no government to advocate on your behalf if anything goes wrong is something that every Eritrean in the Diaspora worries about. Hosting nations often do not want to recognise the legal status of Eritreans making it difficult to get a job or go to school." 

One Young World Ambassador Meron Semedar shares his experience of the Eritrean Diaspora.

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Civil liberties under threat on the streets and online in Uganda


One Young World Ambassador Maureen Agena on Uganda’s controversial Public Order Management Bill and planned regulation of social networks.

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A Nation Of Young People


Amr Mohamed on the current situation in Egypt and his participation in a live Dialogue with Kofi Annan and One Young World Ambassadors.

On Mandela Day, I had the chance to get into a discussion with a great African. I was one of several young people from around the globe who had the privilege to participate in the third episode of Kofi Annan Dialogues, titled “Democracy and Elections”. During the discussion, Mr. Annan said: “In Egypt, we need to build a pluralistic society that has room for everyone, every group, and every faith.”

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Barclays Mentoring and Support for Social Enterprises


UK Ambassador Alex Safavi on the collaboration between Barclays Ambassadors and School for Startups to support social entrepreneurs.

Since the Summer of 2012, Barclays One Young World Ambassadors have been working to design a programme to find and support the country’s most talented and promising social entrepreneurs.

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Mandela Day 2013


South African Ambassador, Jon Ratcliffe on his inspiration to do something on Mandela Day.

In October last year I was fortunate enough to attend the One Young World Summit in Pittsburgh. This is an epic event with participants including some of the most inspiring leaders in the world. Over the course of three days, I heard incredible speeches from world luminaries like Bill Clinton, Jamie Oliver and Kofi Annan. We also had the opportunity to hear from some incredibly motivating young people; globally based youth leaders who are all doing the most remarkable things with their lives like feeding the starving, sheltering the homeless and healing the weak. This bunch certainly made (and continues to make) a real difference in the world.

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Nelson Mandela: The Mandela Day Legacy


South African Ambassador, Tribute Jabulile Mboweni on Mandela Day and what she will be doing to commemorate the 67 years he spent making the world a better place.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it” These are the words of a man who has become a father not only to South Africa, but to the world. A man who represents an era where young people stood and fought for what they believed in despite the dangers they faced. These, are the words of a man who chose forgiveness at a time when resentment would have been the easier choice. A man who is, perhaps the most widely recognised symbol and beacon of forgiveness in our lifetime. 

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Sorry to Bother You, We're Changing Brazil


Brazilian Ambassador, Gabriel Klintowitz on the meaning of the protests in Brazil.

From time to time, every generation faces a great time of rebellion and protest. So it was with my father, who took to the streets in 1968 demanding the end of military dictatorship in Brazil. So it was with my teachers, who painted their faces black in 1992 asking for the impeachment of president Fernando Collor. And so it is with my friends and me, who have finally got off Facebook to protest against the lack of competence of the Brazilian government.

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Our Generation Has Never Had Such A Prominent Role


Brazilian Ambassador, Thais Guedes Alcoforado De Moraes on the reasoning behind the protests and the current situation in Brazil.

Currently, Brazil is experiencing the most widespread social unrest in the last two decades. Last week over one million people took to the streets in about 70 cities across the country. In my city, Recife, 100,000 people, mostly young people, marched along the city’s main avenues holding up posters with various political and social demands and catch phrases. One of them synthetizes quite well what is happening right now: “There are so many complaints that they didn’t fit in this poster.”

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The Power Of Hope


Confirmed delegate from Canada, Alicia Raimundo on tackling mental health issues with the power of hope.

I know depression. I know it makes getting up in the morning so hard that some days you don’t even bother. I know when you’re depressed you’re followed around by a black cloud of misery. I don’t understand why, but I know if you try to ignore it, the cloud gets heavier, harder and deeper. I know this because I was depressed, and that one night I decided to take my own life. And I wasn’t the only one. According to the World Health Organisation, about half of mental disorders begin before the age of 14. We lose someone to suicide every 40 seconds and a lot more attempt it.

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