Thought leadership

Inspiring You

Building on confidence, self-belief and providing a little bit of inspiration is all a young person needs in order to give them the drive to go out and join the working world!&nbsp... read more

The Second New South Africa

Public exchanges between young and older activists highlight a vast confusion that arises when different generations clash.

Shining A Light On Rural India

One Young World Ambassador, Paras Fatnani tells us about Project Chirag and its impact on rural India .   400 million People in 72,000 villages of India have no access to an... read more

Meeting World Leaders: Four Lessons

Ambassador from Mauritius, Barkha Mossae reflects on her experience of being surrounded by the world's most powerful people.   Follow Barkha on Twitter: @BarkhaMo If y... read more

Fashioning Change

Megan Doepker, Ambassador from Canada, explains how she started her own social business, UNA Fashion. Living your passion is an incredible feeling. For me, it’s been the opportuni... read more

Transcending Borders With Social Media

One Young World Ambassadors, Marvin Mathew (USA) and Jaxson Khan (Canada), tell us about their encounter at the One Young World Summit 2012 and how it led to a cross-border coll... read more

Davos 2013: Next Generation Business

Alan Mak, One Young World Ambassador & Global Advisory Board member, reflects on his week in Davos. The World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which brin... read more