Thought leadership

The Beauty Of Cultural Diversity

Nigerian Ambassador, Ajarat Bada tells us why... read more

Published on 11/06/2013

10 Year Old Daniel Ryan Has Never Been To School, And Probably Never Will

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Published on 10/06/2013

Can-Did: The Cancer Support Network

Bulgarian Ambassador, Jeny Rasheva on founding the... read more

Published on 29/05/2013

Social Media for Change: An enriching journey of collaboration to change the world

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Published on 20/05/2013

Why We Need A Food Revolution

Ambassador from the United States, Erin Ponsonby o... read more

Published on 17/05/2013

Join The Revolution, The Food Revolution

Marit Ernesti, Ambassador from the United States, ... read more

Published on 16/05/2013

The Kofi Annan Dialogues: Live – Seizing The Opportunity

Ambassador from Belize, Alberto Matus on his exper... read more

Published on 10/05/2013

The Inspiration Behind The Change Mind, Change Future Organisation

Kenyan Ambassador, Calvin Jodisi on founding his o... read more

Published on 09/05/2013

Invest in the Future: Defeat Malaria

Ambassador from Nigeria, Isaiah Owolabi on what we... read more

Published on 29/04/2013

Top 5 Takeaways from the GEO-5 for Youth Publication

Ambassador from Mauritius, Karuna Rana on&nbs... read more

Published on 22/04/2013