Impact Journalism Day: reaching 100m readers globally


On June 24 2017, 60 social innovators will simultaneously be featured in 50 of the world’s leading newspapers. This is Impact Journalism Day, which reaches 100 million readers every year. 

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What does this crisis in Qatar mean for young people?


One Young World Ambassadors from across the region have spoken of the implications of the ban and the need for young people to do what they can to build unity and understanding across national borders.

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Public-Planet Partnerships: Time to Ratify Our Free Trade Agreement with Nature


According to Tariq Al-Olaimy's Stanford Social Innovation Review's article, we are not collaborating with nature to address its greatest threats.

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Brazil’s new scandal won’t damage our confidence


Brazilian Ambassadors affirm they will keep fighting for ethical behavior from their leaders and  have zero tolerance for corruption. 

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Macron has 5 years to prove inclusion and hope are key to success


France’s President Emmanuel Macron has been sworn in as its 25th President. But what does the future hold for him? Sabrina Belhadji assesses.

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Faith healers and better mental health


Are faith-based practices harmful to those suffering with mental health issues? The Hippocratic Post speaks to Raghu Appasani for Mental Health Awareness week.

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The future of augmented reality in advanced medicine


As health costs continue to rise, AR will play a significant role to help prevent, manage and cure billions of people. Rachel Bui discusses.

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Politics, Elections, Opposition Parties & Leaders: A Look at Different Country-Contexts & their Elections


With several critical elections looming, Founder of The Global Communiqué, Ambassador Mary-Jean Nleya, interviews a member of an opposition party in Russia on asylum in the UK.

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Record Snowmelt Flowing into the Owens Valley: An Emergency or an Answered Prayer?


Anna Hohag of the Bishop Paiute Tribe responds to Los Angeles Mayor’s recent Emergency Proclamation for the Owens Valley.

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Turkey is now Erdogan: how the referendum will change my country's future


A One Young World Ambassador anonymously writes about the Turkish referendum result and the dark path ahead.

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The Business Case for Social Intrapreneurship


Ambassador Tim Heard tackles social intrapreneurship, arguing it is a better, more agile, more future-proofed, and more impactful way of running a company. 

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Trouble in Hungary & Central European University: a Q&A with Radka Pudilova


The Hungarian government has just passed legislation that makes it impossible for Central European University to continue operating. Ambassador Radka Pudilova reports from Budapest.

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