These are our biggest risks and what we're doing about them


What does the future look like to you? OYW Ambassadors respond.

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A view to the future: 5 Ambassador stories from #WEFLIVE


Ambassadors reflect on how global shifts, environmental changes and technology are shaping the future of their country. 

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10 must-read OYW stories from #WEFLIVE


Read how these OYW Ambassadors are making striking progress in their fields working toward a shared future. 

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Plastic waste: How you can make a difference


Learn how these OYW Ambassadors are using waste products for the benefit of society and the environment.

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Iran protests: Why they are an outrage at neoliberalism


An OYW Ambassador in Iran writes anonymously on what the root causes of the protests really are. 

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Dawn of a new-era or poisoned chalice?


Kasgisho Masae assesses whether Cyril Ramaphosa's election marks a turning point in South Africa's history.

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Why it’s a big deal same-sex marriage has been backed in Latin America


Inter-American Court of Human Rights opens a new era for American countries in the granting of LGTBQ Rights.

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The Unmentionables: Intimate health products in conflict zones


Discover how The Unmentionables are providing intimate health products and education to refugees and displaced persons. 

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Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh asks whether apartheid was really defeated


Published in The Economist: A young South African laments his country's grotesque—and growing—inequality.


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Colombian OYW Ambassadors launch campaign to fight corruption


“Ethics is in your hands” calls for people around the world to commit to transparency and fight corruption.

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Using sport to help victims of the Colombian conflict


Earlier this year, OYW Ambassador Juan Sanchez launched his initiative aimed at helping vulnerable young people torn apart by decades of conflict. 

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Walking Tohoku: A 614km Journey on the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail


Speaking with Tokyo Weekender, OYW Ambassador Robin Lewis tells us about his Explore Tohoku project, making him one of the first to walk the entire length of the trail. 

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