Meet the Ambassadors championing human rights around the world


Discover some of the young leaders working towards equal, just and free societies in their countries.  

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Tackling climate change: 4 takeaways from COP23


OYW Ambassadors who were in Bonn last month share their top takeaways from the climate negotiations. 

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After growing up without electricity, Abdishakur is lighting up his country


OYW Ambassador Abdishakur Ahmed shares how he's contributing to energy access in rural Somaliland.

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Relationships: The Bridge between Principles & Practicalities


After attending OYW 2017 Bogotá​, Conor Houston reflects on the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement which brought The Troubles to an end.

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#LoveArmy raises over $1.5million for Rohingya crisis


#LoveArmy founder & OYW Ambassador Jérôme Jarre launches campaign in support of the Rohingya crisis.

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OYW Ambassadors and Counsellors saying NO to violence against women


Meet 10 OYW Counsellors  and Ambassadors taking action against gender-based violence. 

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3 things we learned from the Global Terrorism Index 2017


Last week, the Institute of Economics and Peace released its fifth edition of the Global Terrorism Index, which provides a detailed overview of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism over the past 17 years.

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#ThirtyFiveto350K: Support women & girl survivors of ISIS


Founder of The Lotus Flower, Taban Soresh, is celebrating her birthday by raising awareness of her work to support those who have been traumatised with rape, sexual slavery and losing loved ones. 

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World Children’s Day: A world with little remorse


On World Children's Day, One Young World Peace Ambassador Abraham M. Keita reflects on the status of children's rights around the world. 

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OYW Ambassadors launch the Business Case for Ending Domestic Abuse


Learn how a group of OYW Ambassadors are taking the issue of domestic violence to the highest ranks of their companies. 

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“The situation was inevitable." Read how young leaders in Zimbabwe see their future


Read what OYW Ambassadors based in Zimbabwe and neighboring countries think about the recent takeover by the Zimbabwean military.

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We’re All Getting Played by Sophia the Robot


Using AI and robots to sensationalize the human experience makes life harder for everyone, says Kriti Sharma.

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