Discover the brand generating funds for an anti-bullying programme


“Let’s take on the bullies and unlock the potential of more young leaders”, says One Young World Ambassador Hayden Taylor, Managing Director of Unloc, a UK-based social enterprise for young people.

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How this entrepreneur is using blockchain for humanitarian projects


Inspired by the Syrian refugee crisis, Hungarian OYW Ambassador Balázs Nemethi started Taqanu, a blockchain-based digital identity platform and ecosystem.

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5 young leaders tackling Africa's droughts


Nowhere is more susceptible to desertification than Africa. But it is also where a series of outstanding One Young World Ambassadors are fighting back against water scarcity.

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Rebuilding the Friendly Islands in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Gita


Following Cyclone Gita's destructive impact in the Pacific countries of Samoa and Tonga, Tongan Ambassador Elizabeth Kite comments on its impact and how to rebuild after natural disaster.

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zuma, jacob zuma, young leaders, south africa, president

Zuma steps down: 12 voices on the ground


After a tumultuous week in South African politics that has seen former President Jacob Zuma resign and Cyril Ramaphosa sworn in as his replacement, the country is at a new crossroads.

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Why it matters: One Young World Summit


OYW Ambassador Neeshad Shafi shares on Qatar Today his experience at OYW 2017. 

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Sustainability Games - Brazil

The Brazilian Hunger Games-style competition shaking up sustainability education


While The Hunger Games was a terrifying dystopian nightmare, The Sustainability Games are an inspirational invention that uses competition among young people to build a better world.

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This is how this OYW Ambassador is serving millions of meals in India


It was the sight of wasted food at a celebrity wedding that first motivated OYW Ambassador Ankit Kawatra to quit his corporate job and set up a non-profit organisation to fight hunger and malnutrition in India.


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Happy #OYWDay!


Eight years ago, the first OYW Summit was starting in London. 

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Addressing sexual harassment doesn’t just start on social media. It starts at home.


We can’t afford to be complicit - we need to call out those closest to us to bring about change.

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#WEFLIVE wrap-up: 5 stories you need to read


Political action, technological progress and other issues OYW Ambassadors are actively acting on. 

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Lula’s corruption conviction upheld - meet the rising stars of Brazilian politics


OYW Ambassador Renan Ferreirinha Carneiro can barely contain his excitement over what 2018 holds in store for Brazil.

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