Thought leadership

Harnessing the potential of the Future of Work in Ethiopia

The Future of Work creates new job opportunities, but unless measures are taken only a select group will benefit.

Forever inspired, Women’s Day 2019 in South Africa

Women’s Day 2019 in South Africa

Barack Obama speaks with young leaders in Colombia

Barack Obama held a discussion with Colombian youth leaders about leadership, active citizenship, and the importance of public engagment.

We Can Never End Populism. But Here's How to Send it Back to Its Cave

Populism may be here to stay, but it might be shriking faster than we think.

A metro station in Pyongyang

Is the Spirit of Atlas Shrugged Alive Among Millennials in North Korea?

Are the millennials of North Korea becoming the chief practitioners of Ayn Rand's objectivism?

Three participants in Bridging Gaps e.V.'s exchange

Bridging Gaps e.V. hosts 2nd South African-German youth exchange

This year, Bridging Gaps e.V. organised its second youth exchange, enabling 20 teenagers from South Africa and Germany to build connections, inspire sustainable cooperation,… read more

Is South Korea's National Security Law Still Relevant?

OYW Ambassador James Paek discusses the future of South Korea's National Security Law

Hope is created by the most powerful force in existence – us.

Through workshops and programmes focusing on inclusivity in the public sphere as well as the local community, Bridging Gaps e.V gives youth the skills to become leaders of the… read more

Tennis Legend & OYW Counsellor, Roger Federer, sends special message to inaugural Lead2030 Challenge Winners

The longstanding One Young World Counsellor, International Tennis Legend, and founder of the Roger Federer Foundation has personally congratulated the 2019 winners of… read more


I'm a progressive Venezuelan American. Disliking Trump doesn't mean I will support Maduro.

As misguided progressive groups here in the U.S. spend their energy taking the Venezuelan embassy and calling for “Hands off Venezuela,” some progressive elected officials are… read more