We did a study on entrepreneurial muscle memory: here’s what we found


OYW Ambassador conducted an experiment on Entrepreneurial Muscle Memory: Read the key takeaways

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This entrepreneur’s device will revolutionise the way we save lives


Johann Kalchman: “We believe anyone can be a hero if you give him or her the training and technology.”

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“When free press is at risk, all other liberties are endangered”


5 young people risking their safety to hold their governments to account.

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“Getting our customers to help send refugees to school”


 One Young World inspired project benefitting Western Union’s business and making social impact

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lgbt, timor leste, timor-leste, east timor, lgbti, natalino guterres, president, prime minster, catholic, acceptance

OYW Ambassador's LGBTI documentary receives support from Timor Leste's Prime Minister & Catholic community


Natalino Guterres, responsible for bringing the country's LGBTI movement to life, tells us about his new documentary, The Road to Acceptance.

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one young world, ruba qadi, rawabi, palestine, middle east, impact, israel, architecture, sustainable city, city

The Middle East is welcoming a new smart city - in Palestine


Learn how this female civil engineer is building a new hope for Palestine. 

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Nicaragua roiled by continued protests: young leaders report from Managua


Nine days of continued protest around the country have produced 68 dead, more than 200 injured, and 43 disappeared in Nicaragua.

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hussain manawer, one young world, emi, virgin emi, the white rose, belgrave boys, oyw, mental health, poetry, poem

Virgin EMI releases OYW Ambassador Hussain Manawer's latest recording, 'The White Rose'


The poet has composed the elegy to his mother who passed away suddenly last August when Hussain was 26.

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Challenges & Opportunities of ICTs in Education: A Case-Study of Malawi


A grassroots reporting documentary by OYW Ambassador Mary-Jean Nleya looks at Malawi to explore challenges and opportunities of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). 

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mental health, ontario, kathleen wynne, alicia raimundo, suicide, billion, healthcare, policy, canada, mental health,

Why the world must pay attention to the $2.1 billion Ontario pledged towards mental health


Alicia Raimundo: "When I heard the announcement, for the first time in my life I had hope that we could actually make a mental health system that works."

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We showed Black Panther to an isolated Colombian community: here's how they reacted


This community has never had a movie house in its long history. 

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A Guide to The Hague: the weapons inspectorate at the centre of world attention


The eyes of the world are on the inspectors of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) who have travelled from The Hague to Syria to investigate the deadly attack allegedly perpetrated by President Bashar al-Assad on his own people.

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