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40 under 40: Get to know Sheree Atcheson


How One Young World Ambassador Sheree Atcheson combines a senior consultancy role at ‘Big Four’ professional services network Deloitte with her work for non-profit Women Who Code.


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Activist mentality inspired at OYW is bringing change to refugees


Learn how Jennifer turned her post-OYW inspiration into action within her own company.

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“I sometimes forget what I felt throughout my OYW experience. This is why the OYW community is so important.”


Misato Nagakawa: “We are trying to leave our footprint in history, much like our past OYW Ambassadors have. In order for us to do so, we need someone to believe in us, and the OYW Japan community is exactly the place we need to find that great support system.”

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See you in The Hague: Unilever to send 3 Serbian winners of Global Future League to OYW 2018


These 3 students beat 50,000 entrants to win Unilever’s Global Future League which took place in London last month

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Cold War 2.0: what is the true cost of peace in Europe?


Solomiia Bobrovska: "Every day the price of peace in Europe is rising. The question is, what is the true cost we are paying for it?"

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Worried about the environment? Fear not: meet 5 entrepreneurs creating a sustainable world


On World Environment Day, lean how these OYW Ambassadors are taking action to reduce environmentally-damaging waste.

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Could TODAY be our first Plastic-Free Day?


Danielle Crompton from the OYW Plastic-Free Working Group tells us more.

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The social impact movement spreading across Silicon Valley


Zanoon Nissar, Google: “Today we have more than 700 members across the Bay Area in California and they are changing their own lives as well as those of thousands of others.”

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How young people transformed Armenia - the peaceful way


Sona Mirzoyan: "April 23, 2018 marked a magnificent milestone in the history of Armenia and perhaps in the history of the post-Soviet countries." 

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How One Young World drove me to create shoes that leave the right footprint


Luke Gibson: “We make seriously comfortable boat shoes and every pair purchased protects 1,000 square feet of endangered habitat around the world.”

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It’s World Hunger Day: meet 5 women changing the way we think about food


Discover 5 women who are tackling food security, food waste and malnutrition head on.


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Millennials expect business to do more. But we each have a role to play.


What do millennials want from business? Find out in the 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey.

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