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    Aloi - Nepal

    Sonika Manandhar
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Sonika co-founded Aloi with Tiffany Tong as a social enterprise building credible financial trust in green micro-entrepreneurs and facilitating their access to affordable financing options through its solutions. Aloi’s platform helps micro-entrepreneurs who otherwise lack a formal credit history to track their loan utilisation and income, data which can then be used by Aloi’s commercial partners to provide formal loans. The organisation also engages in financial literacy training for micro-entrepreneurs to support effective loan utilisation. The company is working to become a last-mile digital bank in Nepal.

    Sonika won One Young World’s LEAD2030 Challenge with Standard Chartered Ventures in 2020. The team at Standard Chartered connected Sonika with its Nepal branch, which developed into Aloi’s first partnership with a commercial bank. This recognition helped establish Aloi in the Nepalese market and laid the foundations for greater collaboration with other financial institutions.

    Aloi has 2,300 active users, primarily women, who have so far secured $800,000 in formal loans. All users receive financial and digital literacy training, as well as business management training, to make them less susceptible to loan sharks. The organisation currently has partnerships with six commercial banks in Nepal. 70% of Aloi users are in the sustainable agricultural sector, while 30% are active in the electric vehicle market with Aloi currently supporting 135 electric vehicles. Aloi will be working with 3,000 farmers in the coffee and dairy sectors in 2024, training them in climate-smart agriculture and accessing scale-up financing. Sonika is also looking to expand Aloi’s operations to Indonesia.

    “I went to One Young World as a Standard Chartered Ventures LEAD2030 Winner, and because of it we got connected with Standard Chartered bank in Nepal. That's how we got our first commercial bank contract for Aloi and that's still ongoing.”

    Waves to Home - Palestine

    Zoya Miari
    Ambassador-led Initiative

    Zoya was motivated by her lived experience of becoming a refugee twice, as half Palestinian and half Ukrainian, to found the global storytelling movement. The initiative, Waves to Home, was born after an impromptu meeting between 11 young leaders at the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. These Delegates came together and shared their stories, finding genuine connection and empowerment through their participation. Zoya realised the power of storytelling in bringing people closer together and established Waves to Home as a safe space to establish human connections.

    “I think ever since joining One Young World, I felt this is a crazy community where I can connect with crazy people who believe that they can change the world. And up until today, I truly believe that being part of this Community, there are so many good humans who really want to change the world and if we can collaborate together, we can create a lot together. I feel like through One Young World, we have access to the world, I can reach out to any community I would want to, and I feel that makes our work much easier and our world much more connected.”

    Since Israel’s bombardment of Gaza began in October, Zoya and her peers, including fellow Ambassadors Manal Makkieh, Firas Bali, and Shams Albeshawi, have used the power of storytelling to support the people of Gaza. The group had already created storytelling workshops for refugees, and adapted this to create Waves to Home Sharing Circles through which both Palestinian and non-Palestinian participants could express themselves freely.

    Waves to Home has created five Sharing Circles so far, with a sixth edition planned featuring Joe Abujayyab, a young Palestinian from Gaza. Waves to Home has raised €29,106 for his and his family’s emergency needs, essentials, and educational support. After the success of the first campaign, Joe launched an evacuation campaign which raised over €90,000 that helped him and his family evacuate Gaza. The Waves to Home movement is humanising voices from Gaza.

    It is also partnering with organisations like Peace Therapist, founded by One Young World Ambassador Jîn Dawod, to provide psychological support for participants, and storytellers from Gaza, while facilitating Sharing Circles. Zoya is planning more Sharing Circles centred on Palestine and hopes to expand internationally in the coming months and years to revitalise a sense of belonging for displaced people.

    Advisory Singapore

    Yi Jun co-founded Advisory Singapore to empower students and young professionals to make informed career and further education choices.

    Advisory Singapore - Singapore

    Yi Jun Mock
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Yi Jun is the Co-Founder and President of Advisory Singapore, a charity dedicated to empowering students and youth from all walks of life to make informed career and further education choices, through nationwide mentorship and industry programmes. Advisory Singapore aims to support young Singaporeans to achieve their education and professional goals, regardless of background.

    Yi Jun attended the One Young World Summit in Munich, 2021, virtually as a Deloitte Scholar. He was a Delegate Speaker for the Education plenary challenge. After attending the Summit, Yi Jun further developed his relationship with Deloitte into a partnership that has led to Deloitte’s involvement in the Advisory Educators Roundtable. He also participated in the One Young World Academy programme on health and pandemic preparedness, which in turn led to engagement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Advisory Singapore’s programmes include an online repository of interviews with professionals working in different fields, industry engagement through panels and learning journeys with partner companies, skills development pathways, and one-on-one mentoring programmes. Additionally, the organisation is upskilling teachers to better support their students in terms of career guidance via the Advisory Educators Roundtable in partnership with the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Future-ready Graduates and Deloitte. Advisory Singapore has reached 212,000 people via tailored mentorship, programmes, and collaborations with corporates – including over 12,000 hours of one-to-one mentorship delivered since 2020. The Advisory Educators Roundtable has developed into a community of 100 teachers from different institutions discussing best practices for education and career guidance.

    “I attended One Young World on a Deloitte scholarship, and not only was the Summit an opportunity for growth, it was the genesis of our partnership with Deloitte. We got to know the Deloitte Southeast Asia and Singapore teams well, and explored how we could do more for students and schools together, including through Deloitte’s WorldClass initiative. We brought Deloitte aboard the Advisory Educators Roundtable, and the industry perspectives they’ve brought to educators on topics like the Green and Digital Economies has been invaluable.”

    enke: Make Your Mark - South Africa

    Rufaro Mudimu
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Rufaro is the Director of enke: Make Your Mark (enke), an organisation focused on bridging socio-economic inequalities in South Africa by empowering young people to generate social impact and enterprise. The organisation contributes to reducing the high rates of youth who are NEET (not in education, employment or training). The Trailblazer+ Programme supports high school students and trains them to lead education improvement projects in their schools. The Catalyst Programme gives unemployed post- school youth the mindset, skills and tools to access opportunities to thrive socio- economically, while the Community Partners Initiative aims to generate systemic change through collaboration with other youth development organisations.

    Rufaro attended the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, 2016, and remains an active member of the One Young World South Africa Community. Rufaro connects with fellow Ambassadors, sharing her work and engaging in community events and opportunities.

    enke has impacted over 12,800 youth through its various youth skills development programmes, whose social impact projects have in turn have impacted over 142,000 people in their own communities. Additionally, it has trained 681 facilitators to deliver its programmes, and reached 3,308 young people through other projects, such as the 2022 National Youth Service initiative, a specialised volunteer service project in partnership with the government. Additionally, enke has run a business generator that enabled the establishment of 19 youth-led enterprises, and provides bespoke consulting services to support effective design and implementation of youth-focused projects. Visit

    “The One Young World Southern African Community is very active, and I made a deliberate decision to be active and participate within that Community itself. I stay connected to other people who are in the impact space and have access to a platform to share the work that I do.”

    Refugee Bank for Africa - Democratic Republic of Congo

    Abraham Kahasha Kabral
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Abraham Kahasha has always been motivated to empower refugees because of his lived experience as an internally displaced child refugee in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He founded, and is Executive Director of, the Refugee Bank for Africa, a non-profit organisation empowering refugees by providing access to education, skills development training and resources. The project aims to help refugees learn and develop their skills so they can access the job market and become financially independent.

    Abraham attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. He has found the Community to be a useful source of support for his work, and regularly shares advice on opportunities and the development of the Refugee Bank for Africa. Abraham also believes that being a European Commission Peace Ambassador helped him access other opportunities to work with the European Union on regional projects in DRC, Rwanda Burundi, Uganda and Tanzania as Regional Project Assistant & Project Security Officer.

    The Refugee Bank for Africa has impacted 400 refugees across its different initiatives. Young people have received support with resources and online opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills, including 100 handbooks designed by Abraham called the Refugee Action Handbook, giving readers advice on accessing educational resources and opportunities for further education, as well as information on cultural background and diversity for those who are able to leave the refugee camps. Children have been given 100 basic education kits and materials, including books, pens and bags while 105 families have been provided with access to clean water, food and clothing. In the future, the Refugee Bank for Africa aims to create a Centre for Refugee Empowerment in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    “As an Ambassador I participated in One Young World’s Action Accelerator, which helped me to be empowered and to learn more skills and knowledge. I’m trying currently to apply these leadership skills in my projects’ work.”

    iDixcover - Nigeria

    Abdullateef Lawal
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Abdullateef founded iDixcover in 2019 to support young people in Nigeria and reduce the high unemployment and poverty rates they face, with an objective to eradicate poverty in the long-term. iDixcover connects young Nigerians with job opportunities and mentors, while also providing vocational and technological skills training to prepare them for their entry into the workforce. Abdullateef was part of the team that advocated for the domestication of the Nigerian Startup Bill, which supports SMEs in the country through its adoption and implementation.

    Abdullateef attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. He received a grant from the Z Zurich Foundation as a result of attending One Young World, which has enabled iDixcover to establish a vocational training centre. He was also connected with fellow Ambassadors at the Summit who have been able to support his work, particularly iDixcover’s Young African Fellowship Programme through pro bono training.

    iDixcover has provided over 1,000 people with vocational, business development and entrepreneurship training since its founding, with an additional 150 people trained through the organisation’s dedicated vocational centre. It has helped 150 people access $2,000,000 worth of scholarships and grants. iDixcover students have established 50 family businesses so far, and Abdullateef has coached another 20 family businesses towards financial viability.

    “One Young World was an inspiration for me. I had underestimated the value of what I'm doing, getting to One Young World and seeing the impact that people are sharing, I get to know the value of what I'm doing and it motivates me to do more. I was able to start up this vocational training centre through the Z Zurich Foundation, who sent me to the Summit. So without One Young World, I wouldn't be able to own a vocational training centre.”

    Suli Innovation House - Iraq

    Ravin Rizgar
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Ravin founded Suli Innovation House as a result of her experiences as a women engineer in a male-dominated field. The organisation supports women and young people in developing tech and other practical skills, while providing a co-working space for entrepreneurs and innovators. Suli Innovation House’s work includes the Leading Women programme - focused on women’s empowerment in the tech sector, product design and market research, job placement training tailored to the particularities of the Iraqi job market, internship opportunities, and hackathons.

    Ravin attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022, and credits her experience surrounded by like-minded young leaders as inspiring and motivational. Conversations with a fellow Ambassador from Egypt inspired Ravin to implement her Leading Woman programme.

    Suli Innovation House has impacted 1,500 people over its different projects so far. It has trained 600 women in tech skills to help them break into the tech sector, providing weekly workshops and discussion sessions with successful women in STEM. The organisation’s product-to-market initiative has supported 30 people in product development and conducting market research in key areas like agritech and the environment. Suli Innovation House has since partnered with the Kurdistan region of Iraq’s government, and other non-governmental organisations to implement versions of this programme in other cities across Iraq. Additionally, 150 people have participated in its job placement skills programme, with over 55% of participants finding employment post-programme. Suli Innovation House’s hackathons have focused on climate solutions and waste, with participants developing promising prototypes and some going on to receive funding.

    “One Young World came at a perfect time for me. When I applied, I was starting to build Suli Innovation House, and it was very motivational for me to survive. Being there surrounded by all those like-minded people and talking with them about my journey, all of them were supportive and offered collaboration opportunities. One example is a friend from Egypt, who inspired me with the work that she’s done for women to create my programme for women.”

    Young Pride Club

    Best Chitsanupong founded the Young Pride Club to create a safe space promoting gender equality and the LGBTQI+ community.

    Young Pride Club - Thailand

    Best Chitsanupong Nithiwana
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Best Chitsanupong founded the Young Pride Club as a university student to challenge gender expression restrictions and create a safe space for young people to learn about gender equality and the LGBTQI+ community in Thailand. The Young Pride Club’s advocacy efforts have led to policy changes benefitting trans university students, and raised awareness and support for the LGBTQI+ Thai community. Its team worked with the UN on a review of human rights in Thailand, following which measures to protect young LGBTQI+ Thais were recommended to the government. The Young Pride Club also worked with the country’s parliament on the draft gender recognition bill.

    Best Chitsanupong attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. She was a Delegate Speaker for the Gender Equality plenary challenge, where she had the opportunity to share her story and showcase her work with the Young Pride Club. After the Summit, Best Chitsanupong established connections with fellow Ambassadors to support each other with access to funding, fellowships, and other opportunities.

    The Young Pride Club has been responsible for organising the Chiang Mai Pride parades since 2020, in partnership with international and local non-profit organisations, with 5,500 attendees. The Young Pride Club focuses on capacity-building for young leaders with workshops, training 125 of them including 50 youth leaders, on advocacy. The organisation also offers mentorship and resources for its youth leaders to start local initiatives and movements to advocate for the LGBTQI+ community and gender equality. It has fostered a growing community of 100 members locally in Chiang Mai, and has an extensive online presence through which it conducts digital advocacy and raises awareness.

    “The Summit changed my leadership a lot. I learned that there are a lot of supportive leaders around the world that might not work in the same field as you, but they always try to seek opportunities to collaborate with you. So the biggest impact from One Young World is that we gained a lot of connections and we learned a lot from each other. And I got a lot of opportunities to showcase the work of LGBT youth on the international stage.“

    Let's Handspeak English

    Manel is the Founder of Let’s Handspeak English, providing English language education using Tunisian Sign Language.

    Let's Handspeak English - Tunisia

    Manel Bargaoui
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Manel is the Founder of Let’s Handspeak English, an initiative providing English language education using Tunisian Sign Language to deaf and hard of hearing people in Tunisia. Her academic research comparing American Sign Language and English from a generative approach proved instrumental in leading her to found her initiative. Manel has created learning materials for Let’s Handspeak English from scratch, designing a pedagogy to teach the deaf and hard of hearing community in Tunisia with a book in 2017. She has since developed an additional six books, for a total of seven. In 2018, she created the Let’s Learn English through Signs app to reach a bigger audience.

    Manel attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022, where she was inspired by her fellow Delegates. Since then, Manel has been an advocate for young Tunisian leaders to join the One Young World Community, encouraging them to apply for the Summit.

    Let’s Handspeak English has taught English in sign language to 40 deaf and hard of hearing people. The organisation initially used in-person lessons, but has since moved online following the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing Manel to reach more students in different parts of Tunisia. Students currently take a level of English for two and a half months with a class size of six people. Manel also created Let’s Handspeak English weekend studies, a three-day business-oriented class where she provides hearing and deaf students with lessons on soft skills for business development in English. The Let’s Handspeak English app has been downloaded over 12,000 times, and Manel is currently developing a new version that will be more interactive for students.

    “For me attending the Summit was a privilege, and a successful achievement. It gave me the chance to meet a lot of people, enlarged my network and it showed me there are different opportunities I can learn and get support from.”

    Energy Shift - Croatia

    Filip Koprčina
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Filip founded Energy Shift after previous experience in an Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme during which he learned first-hand the challenges faced by regular people looking to invest in renewable energy. The sector is still dominated by large businesses, making it difficult for the general public to engage in renewable energy investment, except through complex and often infeasible personal home solar panel installations. Energy Shift is an online platform that uses blockchain technology to democratise access to, and simplify investing in, clean and renewable energy by facilitating individual investor ownership in solar or wind farms in several European countries. 

    Filip attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. During the Summit, he was able to interact with people working in the energy sector and learned more about how corporations are working towards their net zero goals. These conversations broadened his perspective and understanding of the shift away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

    Over 2,000 EU citizens who have expressed interest in investing in renewable energy solutions through Energy Shift so far, amounting to an investment potential of €25 million. This investment potential equates to 25 megawatts of solar energy capacity and 28 million kilowatt hours every year, enough to power over 10,000 homes annually. This renewable output will in turn mitigate 6,900 tonnes of CO2, comparable to the carbon footprint of 10,000 people. Filip plans to scale Energy Shift to produce 100 million kilowatt hours annually five years from now.

    “I was impacted as a leader at the Summit because I got these new perspectives and new information, I got this network, I got this opportunity to speak and share my opinions, as well as connect to people that are in positions to decide on how their company moves forward and are able to make change within their company.”

    Footsteps Bangladesh - Bangladesh

    Shah Rafayat Chowdhury
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Shah is the Co-Founder of Footsteps Bangladesh, an organisation working on community development issues by designing and implementing innovative, long-lasting, and sustainable programmes to solve social challenges. Bangladesh is particularly susceptible to climate change and natural disasters, ranking 9th out of 193 countries in the 2023 WorldRisk Index, due to its exposure, vulnerability, susceptibility, and lack of adaptive capacities [1]. Footsteps Bangladesh is tackling issues such as water access, disaster resilience and climate action, youth social entrepreneurship, and healthcare through its core programmes. It targets low income and marginalised communities, empowering people and communities across the country.

    Shah attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. During the Summit, he learned the value of a global approach when supporting young people to create change locally. Shah has subsequently developed a campaign focused on global movements for local change, broadening the support network for Footsteps Bangladesh while expanding its community engagement.

    Footsteps Bangladesh has impacted 544,356 people to date; 403,077 through its core programmes and an additional 143,279 through awareness campaigns, volunteer training, and outreach events, including workshops and consultations. The organisation is addressing the traditional issues faced by NGOs in Bangladesh by training local communities in project maintenance. Footsteps Bangladesh targets local institutions to engage and mobilise communities in key development areas. It also developed a portable filter, the Dreamwater Portable Filter, converting 450,000 litres of floodwater into drinking water, and a disaster resilience bag for people to safely store valuables. The organisation is integrating solar power and waste segregation, and has trained 2,000 young people on skills development through its Changemaker Development Programme.

    “It was honestly a dream come true moment for me last year because One Young World was able to achieve a dream of mine, which I thought I would never have the opportunity, which was to fly the Bangladesh flag on the global stage. So I would wholeheartedly thank One Young World for giving me that opportunity.”

    Litro de Luz Brasil

    Laís founded and Rodrigo leads Litro de luz São Paulo to bring light to communities without regular electrification.

    Litro de Luz Brasil - Brazil

    Laís Higashi, Rodrigo Eidy Uemura
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Laís founded Litro de Luz São Paulo in 2015, with Rodrigo joining in 2016, to bring light sources to communities without regular electrification. It was estimated in 2022 that 600,000 people in Brazil continue to lack electricity [1]. Litro de Luz Brasil is a chapter of the global Liter of Light movement, and uses solar-powered solutions to provide access to electricity in communities such as the Favelas, Indigenous and in the Amazon region. The organisation also focuses on community engagement, teaching community members how to build its solutions to ensure that communities can maintain and replicate their light sources in the future. These community members become Litro de Luz ambassadors.

    Laís attended the One Young World Summit in Munich, 2021, Manchester, 2022 and Belfast, 2023. During her first Summit, she established a relationship with the Audi Environmental Foundation, helping them scale their work in the Amazon. Rodrigo attended the One Young World Summit in Belfast, 2023, after which the team has established three other connections and are in the early stages of collaborating with other organisations.

    Litro de Luz Brasil has impacted 25,000 people through the installation of 4,000 solutions, including 2,350 hand lamps, 1,600 street lights, and 50 internal house solutions. Additionally, Rodrigo and his team of volunteers and community ambassadors provide sustainability workshops to companies and students during which they teach participants how to assemble their solution and provide guidance on generating social impact. Litro de Luz Brasil’s solutions facilitate economic development, education, and improved health outcomes in rural and underserved communities, contributing to a reduction in the use of damaging kerosene and diesel light sources.

    “It was really important for us to have One Young World showing and recruiting people and to have this partnership with Audi because this project, this relationship with Audi helped us to reach more communities in the Amazon rainforest in 2022. And this project was so successful that now Audi supported us this year and we also made another installation in another isolated island near São Paulo. And we are planning more projects in the future. So One Young World was really important to have a huge partnership here in Litro de Luz.”

    Glass Half Full - United States

    Franziska Trautmann
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Franziska co-founded Glass Half Full during her senior year of college due to a lack of glass recycling options in Louisiana. Glass Half Full is a social enterprise that diverts glass from landfills by offering residential and commercial glass recycling options and free drop off points in three states of the US. The glass is collected, recycled into sand and gravel products, and then used in coastal restoration projects. Glass Half Full has a partnership with Tulane University, researching the use of its sand for coastal restoration in Louisiana, where a State of Emergency was declared in 2017 due to the severity of its coastal erosion and land loss [1]. The organisation has also collaborated with the Pointe-au-Chien Tribe to develop and implement restoration projects, as well as the Big Branch Wildlife Reserve and the Central Wetlands in Louisiana.

    Franziska attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. She was a Delegate Speaker on the Oceans plenary challenge, and was subsequently featured on Buzzfeed after another Delegate saw her speak. Being an Ambassador has opened other avenues for Franziska to promote her work; she was featured in the BBC’s Business Daily podcast where she discussed her story and Glass Half Full.

    Glass Half Full has recycled six million pounds of glass and restored over 1,736 metres of land through four projects. The organisation has directly impacted 10,000 people through its recycling programme, and has 2,000 users through its residential pick up initiative. Glass Half Full has partnered with 10 schools in New Orleans, organising field trips through which 240 students have learned about glass recycling.

    “I was one of the Delegate Speakers at the Summit and so I was able to get a speech coach. I was able to really refine my pitch and my story and then also present that to the 3,000 attendees. And so from that, I developed a lot of speaking skills but I was also able to meet so many different people who saw my pitch. One of those people ended up writing an article in Buzzfeed where I was featured.”

    Ecomak Recyclers - Uganda

    Ronald Mugaiga
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Ronald is the Founder and CEO of Ecomak Recyclers, a social enterprise tackling plastic pollution in Uganda and mitigating the impact of climate change. It is also generating green job opportunities for the unemployed, young people, and women across the country. Originating as a COVID-19 project, Ronald began Ecomak Recyclers to help people in his refugee settlement generate income. The enterprise converts the plastic waste it collects into recycled construction bricks that can be used widely in infrastructure projects.

    Ronald attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022. He has remained in touch with his fellow Ambassadors, sharing advice and discussing best practices to grow and scale his work. As a Z Zurich Foundation Scholar, Ronald was able to secure additional funding for Ecomak Recyclers after the Summit.

    Ecomak Recyclers has created 750 jobs, mostly in plastic waste collection; its community support insurance programme has assisted 150 households across two refugee settlements with accessing healthcare and schooling. Ecomak Recyclers has produced and sold 15 million bricks recycled from plastic waste. These eco-bricks and blocks are two times stronger and larger than conventional bricks, have zero breakages once used, require low maintenance, and are cheaper than conventional concrete and clay bricks. The organisation has also planted 8,000 trees, and distributed 200 energy-saving cooking stoves that are built using recycled eco-bricks.

    “Attending the One Young World Summit was a really good experience. I personally got in touch with so many founders and entrepreneurs who are socially impacting their communities, learned from their studies. I'm still in touch with so many other people that I met in the Summit and always get advice from them. After the Summit, we got the funding from my sponsor, the Z Zurich Foundation, which was really important for us to see the business grow as well.”

    Zelij Invent - Morocco

    Saif Eddine Laalej
    Ambassador-led Initiative



    Saif is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zelij Invent, a social enterprise converting plastic waste into eco-friendly construction materials. Saif’s interest in solving Morocco's plastic waste issues, combined with his entrepreneurial skills and innovative solutions, led him to establish Zelij Invent as the country’s premier eco-construction company. Zelij Invent’s consulting operations provide services on green entrepreneurship, specifically plastic recovery, with its programme supporting young green entrepreneurs across Africa. The organisation has also partnered with UNDP Iraq and the Global Fund for Cities Development to conduct market research on the Iraqi plastic waste sector and how to implement a plastic recovery solution in that country.

    Saif attended the One Young World Summit in Manchester, 2022 as an Enterprise for Peace Scholar with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has since worked with fellow Ambassador, Afaf Ajangui, on implementing the programme to support green African entrepreneurs, impacting more than 1,000 people. He also collaborated with fellow Ambassador, Amintaou Bilal, on a programme to develop solutions for the Mediterranean region.

    Zelij Invent has produced over five million hollow blocks in three years, recycling 50 million kilogrammes of plastic waste. Zeelij invent’s blocks are made through a self-designed cold collection production process, with plastic waste comprising 80% of the composition. The production process is more sustainable than traditional production, using 68% less energy resources, including water and electricity. Additionally, the organisation works with 300 self-employed people, supporting waste collection and production processes. The company’s blocks are used in a wide range of building solutions and sectors, with more than 50 houses constructed through Zelij Invent products so far.

    “I was selected as an Enterprise for Peace Scholar from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I met two of my fellow One Young World Ambassadors, Aminetou Bilal and Afaf Anjaguii, who with me were able to implement programmes to support green African entrepreneurs and develop solutions for the Mediterranean region.”

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