Bogota Summit 2017


Ambassador selected as an Empower Women advocate by UN Women


Aminka Belvitt, an Ambassador representing Jamaica, was selected as a Champion for Change by UN Women, making her an Empower Women advocate. 

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One Young World Ambassador named Associate Fellow of the Royal Commonwealth Society


Jemima Lovatt was recognised for her work on eliminating domestic violence.

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How will you Lead The Change in 2017?


We talked to One Young World Ambassadors across the globe and asked them what their plans are for leading change in 2017. 

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Filmmaker awarded top humanitarian award for work with women and refugees


Congratulations to Begonia Randhav for being this year’s recipient of the International Humanitarian Platinum Award.

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Human Rights Day: what young leaders think of our world today


Young leaders from across the globe weighed in on the current state of human rights to mark Human Rights Day.

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Meet our 2017 Coordinating Ambassadors


We are pleased to announce those who will be playing a key role facilitating action within the Ambassador network for 2016-2017. 

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One Young World Ambassador wins Rolex Award for sustainable social enterprise


Ambassador Oscar Ekponimo was named a 2016 Rolex Young Laureate and winner of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise and Applied Technology. 

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What young Colombians think about their country’s peace accord


We spoke to young leaders across the country about the future of their nation and the new peace deal. 

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11 young entrepreneurs changing the world


Check out how One Young World Ambassadors are leading the way in entrepreneurship. 

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Leading climate action at COP22


Ambassador Bryant Zebedy works tirelessly to conserve the ocean and brings his message to COP22. 

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US Election: how Millennials around the world react


We spoke to Millennials across the globe about the results of the US election and their visions of the future. 

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10 Climate innovators leading environmental change


This is what young climate leaders have been up to since world leaders committed to the Paris Agreement last year at COP 21.

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