17 young leaders, 17 SDGs

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Goal 1- End Poverty

Bal Kama, Papua New Guinea
Kama Scholars Foundation


Bal founded the Kama Scholars Foundation, an organisation which provides scholarships, computers and books to rural schools, and promotes gender equality. The Foundation has provided 57 scholarships, 85% of which were awarded to young girls, and 21 computers. He received the 2016 Commonwealth Youth Awards for Excellence in Development Work.  

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Goal 2- Zero Hunger

Oscar Ekponimo, Nigeria
Founder, Chowberry


Oscar founded ‘Chowberry’, a cloud-based application that tackles food poverty through automating the monitoring of food products approaching the end of shelf-life. The aim is to alleviate widespread food insecurity and hunger in his home country of Nigeria by providing an alternative, affordable source of nutrition. In November 2015, he was named a winner of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2016.

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Goal 3- Good Health & Well-being

John van Bockxmeer, Australia
Founder & CEO, Fair Game Australia


John runs Fair Game, a charity which builds healthy communities through the provision of recycled sports equipment and fitness and health programs. With sport and fitness being integral to physical, mental and social wellbeing, Fair Game ensures that disadvantaged communities lead healthy lifestyles. He has donated over 8,000 items of recycle equipment to migrant and indigenous communities to date.

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Goal 4- Quality Education

Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu, Cameroon
Founder, HOPE for Children


Joannes founded HOPE for Children, which provides educational assistance to primary schools in Cameroon, from benches and writing materials to uniforms, learning aids and computers. HOPE is also dedicated to combatting school absenteeism; by providing menstrual pads and constructing safe pit toilets, absenteeism has been reduced by 27% in the schools HOPE assists. Joannes was named as one of the 200 Young Leaders by Women Deliver in 2015, and the 2015 Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

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Goal 5- Gender Equality

Abhinav Khanal, Nepal
Co-Founder & CSO, Bean Voyage


Bean Voyage looks after female coffee workers around the world, ensuring women receive a fair price for their product, assisting them scale of their projects via a microcredit system, and organising workshops tackling gender equality. Abhinav drives the strategy behind Bean Voyage’s operations, ensuring they are best aligned with female workers globally.

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Goal 6- Clean Water and Sanitation

Hermella Woldehana, Ethiopia
Co-Founder & General Manager, Drop of Water

Hermella founded Drop of Water (DOW), a non-profit organization that brings clean and safe drinking water to those in need. DOW constructs water wells,  promotes water safety planning (WSP) and operates awareness programs. She has created a major platform of over 3,000 volunteers, and over 16,000 people in DOW’s project areas now have access to a clean water supply..

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Goal 7- Affordable and Clean Energy

Paras Fatnani, India
Global Ambassador, Project Chirag


Project Chirag works with villages that have no access to electricity and provides them with solar lighting solutions. This has allowed them to build a supply chain between urban and rural communities, for example by training people with hearing and speech impediments as technicians technicians, providing them with a stable income. Project Chirag has provided solar lighting to 10, 162 households, 50,810 people, across seven states in India.

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Goal 8- Decent work and Economic Growth

Jeremy Lamri, France
Founder & CEO, MonkeyTie


Jeremy is the Founder and CEO of MonkeyTie, a recruitment website that takes into account the personality and interests of candidates. Jeremy launched ‘Le Lab HR’, an innovation centre and incubator for 100 other startups running projects in the human resources sector. MonkeyTie is fast on its way to becoming the leader in online professional development, with more coaching contents and tools. The platform has supported over 100,000 young people in the job market to date.

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Goal 9- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Prakash Neupane, Nepal
Co-Founder, NepFlights


After attending the 2013 Summit in Johannesburg, Prakash returned to Nepal and co-founded NepFlights, Nepal’s premier platform for domestic flight booking in the country. The site plays a prime role Nepal’s tourism development. After the major earthquake in 2015, Prakash launched the #NEPALNOW global campaign to rebuild tourist perceptions of safety; the campaign the campaign is now owned by Nepal Tourism Board. He also founded G-Hackademy, a social business aimed at empowering, educating, and equipping girls with the necessary tools to find employment opportunities in ICT. Additionally, he has worked with the Open Knowledge Foundation for several years, working towards building Nepal as a centre of innovation and creative industries.

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Goal 10- Reduced Inequality

Balazs Nemethi, Hungary
Founder & CEO, Taqanu Bank


By founding Taqanu Bank, Balazs seeks to make banking available to those without a fixed address and grant them access to Europe’s financial system. He aims to provide limited but operational debit cards and checking accounts for those regardless of residency status or available documentation, thereby combatting the financial exclusion migrants and refugees face.

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Goal 11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

Arizza Nocum, Philippines
Head, KRIS Library


Arizza is the Head of KRIS Library, short for Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library, an education project working in deprived communities in Philippines to build bridges between Muslim and Christians of communities, primarily in the southern region, affected by sectarian conflict. They have built 6 libraries and have provided 400 scholarship grants to students in the past four years, using education as a preventative solution to extremism.

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Goal 12- Responsible Consumption and Production

Madis Uuemaa, Estonia
Founder & CEO, Smart Load Solutions


Madis founded Smart Load Solutions (SLS) to make electric consumers use energy more effectively based on what is going on in their electricity grid. With their intelligent software platform, SLS connects heating systems with real-time energy markets so they can consume electricity during the cheapest and greenest times possible without causing any discomfort for the end user.

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Goal 13- Climate Action

Parker Liautaud, France
Earth Systems Advisor, Advanced Research Projects Agency, US Department of Energy

Parker is an environmental campaigner who has completed three expeditions to the North Pole. In 2013, he led a world-record-breaking expedition to the South Pole to raise awareness about climate change. Until recently, he was a Policy Advisor for Natural Resources at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy where he was steering policy within several National Science and Technology Council subcommittees. He is now an Earth Systems Advisor for the Department of Energy.

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Goal 14- Life Below Water

Barkha Mossae, Mauritius
Diplomat, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade

Barkha is passionate environmentalist. A diplomat for Ministry of Foreign Affairs by profession, she helped set up #SeeingBlue, an initiative that encourages young people to take a greater interest in the state of the oceans. #SeeingBlue won the Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice Award; Barkha spoke alongside Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN Special Envoy on El Niño and Climate, and Catherine McKenna, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, at the One Young World 2016 Summit in Ottawa.

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Goal 15- Life On Land

Joseph Mwakima, Kenya
Community Relations Officer, Wildlife Works


Joseph works with Wildlife Works, which implements forest protection programs through carbon financing; this entails generating carbon credits, or offsets, to sell to individuals and companies who offset their avoidable emissions. Their climate change mitigation strategy protects over 500,000 acres of threatened forests, preserves biodiversity, and uplifts over 100,000 local community members. Joseph is on the front lines of the organisation’s work, implementing local initiatives and income-generating activities that fund a variety of ventures, including scholarships and water projects.

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Goal 16- Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Lewis Smith and Ben Griffiths, United Kingdom
Founders, Youth Health Parliament


Ben and Lewis, two Johnson & Johnson employees, founded the Youth Health Parliament, an idea-generating leadership platform for 50 young health professionals with a desire to build a fair, sustainable and innovative National Health Service. They debate and formulate new ideas which are then formalised into a set of five proposals for policymakers.

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Goal 17- Partnerships For The Goals

For One Young World, successfully partnering on the SDGs goes beyond enhancing multi stakeholder partnerships; it thrives upon leading collaborations. We're proud to be mobilising networks in 196 countries through our Ambassadors and our partners, and reinforcing sustainable development across global business, NGOs and academia.


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